Boulevard Of Dreams

Everyone cherishes dreams, big or small.

Without judgment, with ambition!

Everyone cherishes dreams, big or small. It is also important that you make your dreams come true , if you want to get the most out of your life . But how can you achieve this if you do not have a job or a degree? Participating in ‘Boulevard of Dreams’ will help you with this.

It gives you the opportunity to get a job or graduate successfully and supports you in realizing your dreams. It helps to gain an insight into what you really want and makes you keep working towards goal! Of course you will get the support of a young and successful person who brainstorms with you and motivates you.


MYT helps students and beginners who want to conquer the world, but still do not know how.


We believe in talent and that everyone can make a difference.

Additional information for professionals

Are you a professional civil society organization or do you have a corporate company? And you are convinced that your organization can contribute to this project? Please contact us for additional information .

Start today!

Start today and take action to work towards your goal. Take the first step and sign up for Boulevard of Dreams. Just like dr. Martin Luther King said: “If you are on a staircase, your don’t have to see all of the stairs. Just take the first step.” Once you take the first step, you life begins to change!

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